Restoration of accounting

Restoration of accounting is a service aimed at correcting mistakes, which entails retaking false reports, analytic and synthetic correction registers in order to comply with existing accounting and current legislation and regulation in the proper condition in accordance with the Law on Accounting.

In the course of this service are re-created or corrected ledgers, restores primary documents held reconciliation with counterparties and the tax authorities, submitted revised tax and statistical reports and other actions that may be required to correct system errors in accounting or its recovery if accounting or tax records were not kept correctly.

Price accounting restoration depends on the amount and duration of recovery periods of absence or improper accounting, and the volume of customer workflow and urgency.

The price also affects whether a customer or deadbeat payer of VAT, the presence of foreign trade activities of the customer activities and foreign exchange transactions, the availability of loans, for the production of complex specifications, a large number of nomenclature, etc.

Restoration of accounting may include:

1) Sorting and processing of primary documentation, recovery of bookkeeping entries.
2) Analysis of the primary documents in terms of their compliance with the law.
3) Check the validity of the necessary registers, recovery and preparation of accounting records.
4) Check that the correct tax calculation and preparation of tax returns.
5) The preparation of financial statements according to the requirements of current legislation and provide it to the tax authorities.

Cases in which the necessary restoration of accounting:
- Availability of system errors in accounting, repeated for a long time, the correction of which is quite time-consuming, difficult or even impossible by their own accounts;
- Presence in organizations periods when accounting was not conducted entirely due to one or other reasons.
Lack of accounting and primary documents leads to additional taxes and penalties, fines in the event of a tax audit.


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