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Bookkeeping and tax accounting - it stages in the collection of documents, registration all of them together, merge data together into cash of assets of the enterprise, as well as its obligations by documenting business transactions. This process is necessary to generate reliable information and reporting about the activities of the company and its position within the firm and the market.
Ordering accounting services in our company, you will not only receive up to snuff accounts, but also professional advice directly related to your enterprise at all stages of our cooperation and assistance in resolving any dispute and tax accounting.
For our clients apply a fixed price service. It is convenient and profitable. Price accounting services adapts to the size of your business. Our service prices automatically increase or decrease according to the increase or decrease in the volume of your activity, so during more difficult periods you do not have to spend extra time on writing, negotiations on cost optimization accounting - reduced price services automatically. This revision procedure done 1 time per year, based on the average performance of your company.
We also take care of all duties of an accountant, such as providing monthly, quarterly, or annual reports in the desired instance.
In services, "Sanora Service" SRL used simple straightforward calculation of cost accounting. Always adapt to the needs of the client or to the state of the business.

We strive to be closer to our clients and become a trusted advisor.


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