Filling out the declaration for individuals (CET08)

Every year on March 31, the deadline for the filing of returns for income tax and the deadline for payment of income tax in the budget RM.
Individual who has received income from two or more jobs must provide a Declaration individual income tax, even if every workplace was withheld income tax. The declaration must be provided and in other cases stipulated by the Tax Code.

According to the Tax Code of the Republic of Moldova, individuals are required to submit a Declaration of an individual income tax in the following cases:

√ If you are working on 2 or more jobs, which in total exceed the income of 27 852 lei per year;
√ Income was received as wages as well as the sale of the property and the total amount of which exceeds 27 852 lei per year;
√ There was no income from wages, but a gain on the sale of property (house, car, villa, etc.).

Tax rate:

7% of the annual income that does not exceed the amount of 27 852 lei;
18% of annual income in the amount of which exceeds 27 852 lei.

Individuals have the opportunity to provide a Declaration in the following ways:

√ Classic - in paper format in the Regional Tax Authority.
√ Through the Internet - by «serviciul de raportare" Declaraţie electronică "», if you have a digital signature.

In accordance with Art. 33 (1) of the Tax Code of the Republic of Moldova every individual is entitled to a personal exemption for 2014 y. in the amount of 9 516 lei per year.
Thus we offer the service, consultation and the correct filling - Declaration of an individual income tax return. Help is in the correct filling of data from documents submitted by the Customer and after which already provide duly completed Declaration with the amount that would have to be paid to the budget RM.

* assist the client with consultation on relevant documents to provide to fill the Declaration.

The cost of this service is from 100 lei to 500 lei, depending on the complexity of services.


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