Analysis and optimization of the financial situation at the enterprise

Process analysis and optimization of the financial situation of the company like any other complex process must have its technology - a series of steps aimed at identifying the causes of changes in the state enterprise and leverage its optimization.
There are two main ways to optimize financial condition - optimizing performance (company should earn more profit) and managing the disposal results of activity.
The key task of the process - to study the problem and find the optimal solutions using its organizational and economic, scientific and technical methods. To solve the problems, experts often use financial analysis as it allows you to comprehensively assess the work and the current economic condition of the enterprise as well as to predict the situation for the future.

There are two causes of global problems and difficulties arising in the financial condition of the company:

√ Lack the potential to maintain an acceptable level of financial condition (or low levels of profits);
√ Irrational performance management (mismanagement of finances).

Problems and difficulties arising in the financial condition of the organization ultimately have three main manifestations. They can be formulated as follows:

√ Cash deficit, low pay;
√ Lack of return on capital invested in the company (inadequate satisfaction of interests of the owner, low profitability);
√ Low financial stability.

This type of service has two areas:

Financial analysis - assessment of the overall economic and financial condition of the company aimed at solving problems and finding the most optimal management decisions;
Financial Management Company - method to influence the operation of the company through the development and adoption of specific decisions and actions to optimize the management of financial assets.

This service includes the following activities:

√ full financial analysis of a company;
√ development of financial strategy;
√ analysis of financial activity;
√ analysis of financial statements;
√ optimization of expenses and cash flows of the company;
√ analysis of financial condition of the organization;
√ analysis of liquidity and financial results;
√ developing mechanisms to manage investments;
√ business financial services company "from scratch", the reorganization of financial services;
√ business plans.

In addition the service includes general analysis of financial and economic activity of enterprises and organizations assess the potential risks of business acquisitions (Due diligence), the solution of other problems related to the organization of financial and economic management.

We also carry out a comprehensive financial analysis of the client is interested indicators of financial and economic activities of its business. Help you assess prospects and develop a strategy to take the most effective solutions. Our experts will draw up a detailed report indicating the identified gaps in the financial records and reports the removal of which will help optimize the performance of the enterprise.


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