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Quality, reliable, affordable.

We will not say that we are a small and fast growing company. Primarily we are specialists of our business that are experts in their field. Our employees create the most effective solution for building your business.

Cooperating with us you will not feel discomfort in communication or understanding of complex economic terms, we reduce them to a minimum (if it is necessary). We know how to explain what we do. Our team "Sanora Service" SRL sure that most valuable riches are knowledge, skills, experience, and constant desire to learn and improve.

Our employees strive to provide customers with the expert advice and professional accounting solutions. Our company provides a wide range of services, starting with the preparation of primary accounting documents to professional evaluation. We are ready to help you in all matters of accounting. We strive for the highest standards of our industry. Just strive for excellence in all areas of our work.

We are interested not only embody your idea into reality, but also to get her to make a profit for you ! All our specialists focus on quality and conscientious fulfillment of its obligations. Don't hesitate- we will succeed together !

Our company - is a team of like-minded people who understand that most fully realize themselves they can where business as the main driving force uses the talents and expertise of its employees.

If you are successful, then our mission is accomplished and we have another grateful customer!

We know and appreciate the trust exerted by customers to us and so we make every effort to show that the trust rendered not in vain.

Our mission - is your success!


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    Address:str. George Cosbuc nr. 11 (near str. Alexandr Puskin 47/1), Chisinau
    Phone:    +373 68 70 6000
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    E-mail: office@sanora.md