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«Sanora Service» SRL company specializes in accounting services.
At this stage of development, we can note a very interesting project for us in the field of accounting and not only. We are always interested in providing new services. We can not mention the fact that we worked in industries such as accounting:
- Production
- Import
- Services (rent, advertising, consulting, translation, etc.)
- Sales (retail, wholesale)
Also, we are open to new industries.
Legal entities registered in the Republic of Moldova must maintain accounting records, accounting for ignorance according to art. 257 part (5) of the Tax Code of the Republic of Moldova, a fine of 50 000 lei.
At the end of the year to March 31, even individuals are forced to use the services of counseling for submission to the Internal Revenue Service "Declaration of individual income tax" with this task we will be happy to assist you. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Providing services for accounting - one of the main services of our company.
Are you a professional in your business. You supervise your business and do not want to think about what accounting and taxation, then please leave these questions to us - the professionals in this field.
On how professional and timely implemented accounting enterprise (whether SRL, II or SA) success depends and prosperity of the business. This statement is difficult to refute, because the head of the company want to know accurate information about the state of affairs in the company in order to take timely necessary correct management and administrative solutions.
Very often seen in newspapers, magazines or on the internet such a declaration "I propose accounting services." With all this in such a service names are different. This accounting and submission of financial statements, or just bookkeeping. Such services are in demand like entrepreneurs, and small businesses.
Regardless of the organizational form of the enterprise, from its volume, or scale, they are faced with the need to maintain accounting records. Usually involved a staff accountant, but own a highly qualified specialist for small and medium businesses is quite expensive. With all this, the qualification of your staff may not be enough to solve complex problems.
Our services are economical and practical. As a customer, you don’t need for workplace organization and accountant, respectively, in the acquisition of expensive, but necessary computer equipment and various software, the cost of taxes and dues deductions from payroll staff accountant, etc.

If you need professional financial help, we will be happy to work with you !


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